• Working Capital – the Bank supports  business operations in various modes such as trade, Overdraft, working capital Loan, Stock Finance Loans, Invoice/ Bill/Cheque discounting, Bank Guarantee and Letters of Credit
  • Term Loans – the Bank grants Term Loans to meet specific requirements such as purchase of property, business expansion etc.
  • Asset Based Finance (ABF) – the Bank assists in purchasing assets such as Equipment, Motor Vehicle etc.
  • Agribusiness Financing – the Bank supports various agricultural and agribusiness activities in various areas such as tea industry, maize & wheat farming, dairy farming etc.


Yes. MEB offers financial support for your personal or corporate use. We cover all your needs from  agribusiness , trade services , projects  to working capital.

Middle East Bank does support various agricultural and agribusiness activities in a variety of areas such as:
1.    Tea Industry
2.    Cereals- maize and wheat farming
3.    and dairy to name a few
4.    Trade finance services
5.    Does your business require local bonds?  We can process your bid bonds and performance bonds within 2 hours.

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