Buying and selling foreign currencies

  • We buy and sell many foreign currencies such as USD, GBP, EUR, South African Rand, Uganda Shilling, Tanzania Shilling etc. at competitive foreign currency rates.
  • We also deal in Rwandese Franks, UAE Dirhams, CHF, Chinese Yuan, Indian Rupees etc under special arrangements.

Forward Contracts for buying and selling foreign currencies

  • If you have export proceeds expected in future or import payments or project payments to be done in future, we provide Forward Contracts to buy or sell Foreign Currencies. These contracts help you lock exchange rate for a forward date.

Foreign Currency deposits

  • We accept USD, GBP and EUR fixed deposits and pay good interest rates for various maturities from one month to three years. These deposits can be with quarterly interest payment frequency.Foreign Currency SWAP Contracts
  • If you have saved one currency for making payment in future but you wish to raise liquidity temporarily in another currency, we provide SWAPS. We do a buy spot and sell back forward SWAP contract at attractive price.
  • If you have projects where you need to manage exchange risks, this can be very helpful. Our dealers can guide you on best practices for Foreign Currency SWAP contracts.

MEB Treasury Bulletin for information on Money and Foreign Exchange Markets

  • Our dealers can send to you our periodical Bulletin giving money market and foreign exchange market information upon your request
  • MEB also provides Investing Assistance Services for clients who wish to invest in Government of Kenya Treasury Bills/Bonds/Infrastructure Bonds

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