Internet Banking

Internet Banking

Too busy to be IN LINE, just a click and you'll be ONLINE through our Personal Internet Banking and our Corporate Internet Banking

We have an electronic payment system that enables you to conduct a range of financial transactions through MEB's website. The online banking system will typically connect to your account..

Looking forward to avoid queing for hours? Why not access your account through our Bank's Internet Banking?


  1. Need to stop a cheque Payment? - Stress not, cancel the payment through the Banks Internet banking portal. 
  2. Need stationery? - Order your cheque books, ATM card through the net. 
  3. Make an inquiry? -  View pending transaction, cheque leaf, transfers, loan status, download your Withholding Tax certificate on deposit and do much more. 
  4. Need to make payments? - Submit RGTS or EFTdo it on the net.


  • Will I incur any charges? 
    Transactions processed shall be charged as per tariff. click here to know more  on charges
  • Who can register for this service?
    All clients whether Individual or corporate who have an account can enjoy this service.
  • To register for the service?
    Kindly find application Forms Here


Measures, there are a few precautions we suggest you take
  • Never accept help from a stranger; call your bank. 
  • Only provide your bank account details to facilitate transactions that you have authorized. 
  • When transacting online, always ensure that you log on via a secure Internet connection. Check the Website you have accessed is also secure (look for a padlock image and HTTPS extension in the URL/Web address). 
  • Do not log-on to your bank account from cyber cafes, or via public Wi-Fi and hotspots. 
  • Beware of emails and phone scams including messages about competitions you have not signed up for.
  • Do not respond to such scam messages or call back to verify. 
  • If your account information has been obtained by a cybercriminal, immediately notify all your financial service providers. It is advisable not to negotiate, either online or in person, with cyber-criminals.
  • In many cases, the information that has been obtained cannot be used to perform transactions. 
  • Should you notice any irregular or suspicious activity in your account, contact the bank immediately. 

Forgot your password?

Click forgot password and you will be guided and account shall be reset.

It takes a maximum of an hour to set up the service

In case you need help, kindly visit our website for branch contact details Contact us

For terms and conditions, click here.